¡Hola, I’m Ashley Alicea!

I Work as a games industry Developer Advocate dedicated to supporting amazing games and the people that make them.

My days are spent presenting at tech events across the western hemisphere as an Evangelist for Media & Entertainment at Unity Technologies. Through my current work and past roles at Global Game Jam, IndieCade, and Games For Change, I've become a passionate advocate of democratizing game development. 🎮



Since 2009, I’ve organized or presented at a vast amount of game-focused workshops, meetups, conferences, & corporate events. My presentations generally support creators within the games and film industry - check out where I’ll be presenting next:



My game development work spans a variety of tools & genres. As an avid game jammer, I love to tinker & experiment with new platforms & different development roles.



Community management forms the heart of much of my industry experience. Having led communication & social media efforts for audiences up to 800K strong, I find joy in supporting the growth and health of diverse gaming communities.