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GDC 2019


As part of my work with Unity Technologies, I often give presentations and workshops covering some of the latest tools for game development, interactive film / media, & more. Some of my recent talks include:

  • Creating Explosive Visuals with Visual Effect Graph

    Watch Here:
    Learn how to use node-based effects & adaptive features in Unity's Visual Effect Graph to create beautiful VFX for games, films, & more in real-time.

  • Utilizing Unity's New Terrain Features to Build Beautiful Worlds

    Designing landscapes for your games can be difficult. Unity’s new terrain system helps making that process a lot easier! Learn how to use the new terrain system to make your workflow faster and easier, while designing even more gorgeous landscapes.

  • Using Unity’s AR Foundation for Multi-platform AR

    In this talk, learn the basics & use cases of Unity’s AR Foundation - a new framework that allows AR creators to build their app once & deploy to both ARKit & ARCore devices.

  • Getting Started with Shader Creation Using Unity’s Shader Graph & High Definition Render Pipeline

    Discover advanced shading features in the new High Definition Render Pipeline master node within Unity’s Shader Graph. This talk reviews the steps for creating stunning HDRP assets, without having to code!

  • Unity for Cinematics Workshop

    Unity is quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools for creators who want to build short films, episodic animated series, and cut-scenes or trailers for other CG content. Whether you’re a director, animator, technical artist, cinematographer, or general Unity enthusiast looking to dig into Unity’s film workflows, this workshop will provide the core fundamentals of linear storytelling. This hands-on CLASS will help you understand how to leverage Unity’s tools and capabilities to build your next (or first!) cinematic scene.

I also occasionally speak about diversity and women in game development - especially from a perspective focused on game creators in Latin America.


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